Ponies on display at our Open House

At our open house event this past weekend, all the ponies were on display for the community to experience. Our local paper, the Daily Bee, took notice and reported on the event. Read the full article here »

The Daily Bee: An ‘incredible’ carousel

The prospect of Sandpoint having its own carousel has stirred excitement among community members, who recently had the chance to explore the 1920 Allan Herschell carousel during an open house at the Granary Warehouse on Oak Street. The carousel, named the “Carousel of Smiles” by owners Clay and Reno Hutchison, was unveiled in December after spending 64 years in storage. Despite its age, the carousel boasts 36 hand-carved wooden horses, two chariots, and original elements from the 1920s. Attendees marveled at the nostalgic experience, with plans underway to find a permanent, climate-controlled building for restoration. While the horses are generally in good condition, some cracks and missing legs require attention. The Hutchisons are developing a comprehensive restoration plan, emphasizing documenting the carousel’s current state before initiating the project. As part of their inclusive approach, they are considering creating a wheelchair-accessible chariot in adherence to ADA standards. The community eagerly anticipates the eventual restoration and permanent home for this cherished piece of history.

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