The Daily Bee: Group hosting pony restoration workshop

The community involvement in the restoration of the historic Carousel of Smiles takes a significant step forward with the nonprofit hosting its inaugural pony restoration workshops. Reno and Clay Hutchison, who brought the 1920 Allan Herschell carousel to Sandpoint in 2016 after 64 years in storage, express excitement about the upcoming project. Over 200 volunteers have signed up for various aspects of the multifaceted restoration, with 107 focusing on wood restoration and pony painting. The workshop, divided into wood restoration and pony painting presentations, features guest speaker Bette Largent, curator of Spokane’s 1909 Looff Carousel, sharing her expertise and techniques. The Carousel of Smiles aims to engage the community hands-on, fostering a sense of ownership. The project has already made substantial progress, with plans for a second unveiling event at the end of 2019.

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Sandpoint Reader: Carousel of Smiles to host workshops

Clay and Reno Hutchison’s journey to restore a Golden Age carousel, sparked by Reno’s childhood love and a seemingly fateful discovery in Hutchinson, Kansas, culminated in the official unveiling of the 1920s carousel at the Bonner County Fairgrounds. The Carousel of Smiles, now a non-profit, aspires to make the carousel a beloved community symbol in Sandpoint. With around 1,000 attendees at the unveiling, the couple emphasized the importance of community enthusiasm and involvement, encouraging volunteers to join various restoration efforts. The event showcased historical exhibits and architectural mock-ups, fostering nostalgia and support for the project, with hopes of making the carousel a cherished addition to Sandpoint’s identity.

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