The Daily Bee: Council hears proposal for historic carousel

During a Wednesday night meeting, the City Council in Sandpoint, Idaho, heard a proposal for incorporating a historic carousel owned by Clay and Reno Hutchison into the city’s parks and recreation master plan. The carousel, exhibited in 1952 at the Kansas State Fair, was purchased by the Hutchisons in 2000 and has undergone extensive restoration. The proposed locations for the carousel include City Beach and the Sand Creek parking lot, with City Beach being the preferred option. The council members were broadly supportive of the project, praising the community effort and collaboration with local artists. The carousel restoration involves over 200 volunteers and artisans. The plan is to maintain ownership of the carousel as a 501(c)(3) organization and raise funds for a building, aiming for completion within two years. The council also approved policies for leases at the Baldy Mountain Communication Site and updated plans for access and protection of the Little Sand Creek watershed. Additionally, a resolution to extend the current collective bargaining agreement with the local firefighters union for an additional 90 days was approved to review the upcoming fire services operations study report from Fitch & Associates.

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