Sandpoint Reader: Bringing the herd together

The Carousel of Smiles restoration project, led by Reno and Clay Hutchison, is approaching completion after four years of meticulous work. The vintage carousel, purchased in 2000 and saved from disassembly, will find its permanent home in Sandpoint. The Hutchisons, supported by volunteers and local businesses, have made significant progress, with 11 horses in paint and six in the final stages of primer out of a total of 36. The community project aims to bring the carousel to Sandpoint’s City Beach, with plans to complete the restoration by 2023. The Hutchisons anticipate the National Carousel Association’s presence for the unveiling, recognizing the rarity of documenting such an original carousel. The project, described as “magic,” has garnered overwhelming community support and excitement. To follow the restoration process, visit or the studio at the Misty Mountain building in Sandpoint.

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