The Reader tells the story of our long journey to Sandpoint

Reno and Clay Hutchison are embarking on a heartwarming journey to unwrap a piece of history – a long-forgotten 1920 carousel rescued from obscurity. Purchased in 2000 and recently transported from New York to Sandpoint, the vintage carousel, believed to be a 1920 Allen Herschell creation, is set to be unveiled on December 3. This rare, fully intact gem, complete with 36 hand-carved wooden horses and original artwork, is one of only 150 remaining of its kind. With dreams of restoring it as “The Carousel of Smiles,” the Hutchisons envision a permanent home in Sandpoint, hoping to bring joy to future generations and enhance the City Beach experience. The ambitious restoration project, funded by the couple, aims to create a magical community focal point and has the potential to become a cherished Christmas tradition.

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